Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mookid's wallpapers (1280x800) and introducing user submissions

I got an email from Mookid with some wallpapers he had created saying that maybe I could feature them on my blog, and I thought I might be able to make something of a regular feature of it. Why not have a users' submissions feature? If you have made any wallpapers that you would like featured just shoot me an email at with a link to your creation(s) and be sure to include any way you would (or wouldn't) like to be credited, and I'll throw them up here. Here are Mookid's wallpapers featuring OFWGKTA, Burzum, Can, Amesours, John Coltrane, Drudkh, Deftones, DJ Shadow, Frank Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, Kanye West, King Crimson, Miles Davis, Crystal Castles, and more.


  1. Nice wallpapers, shame they aren't larger though.

  2. i know that mookid fuck didn't create the filosofem wallpaper...I DID. i made it like 3 years ago for a /mu/ wallpaper thread, cropped it from a 1800x1800 or so scan of the album cover. nobody is gonna believe me anyways. sigh

  3. Honestly that's a really easy crop to do. I'd be surprised if less than 3 people have made a wallpaper exactly like that.